Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cover of the Day: December 1941

Francis Brennan, Art Director
Fernand Léger, Illustrator

"The migration coming to the U.S. today is perhaps the most extraordinary of the many that have served to people this continent. For this is not just people fleeing famine or oppression. This is a transplantation of a whole culture from one continent to another. Since the rise of Hitler, a large body of Europe's intellectual leadership has been moving to the U.S.  . . . But there is no ready pot in which to melt and fuse the dynamic forces of art and of ideas. The great questions are whether, during American trusteeship, Europe's transplanted culture will flourish here with a vigor of its own, or languish for lack of acceptance, or hybridize with American culture, or simply perish from the earth". --"The Great Flight of Culture" December 1941

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